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Mike spent 18-years in the US Army and as a government contractor for OGA. He served as a SGM in Special Forces in various positions and deployed multiple times to combat theaters. He is an expert in Counter-Terrorism, Security, and Crisis Management Operations.

He is the CEO of Fieldcraft Survival and We The Prepared.

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Kevin is the Director of Training for Fieldcraft Survival. A lifelong outdoorsman with over 2 decades of teaching in the great outdoors, Kevin is well versed in bushcraft and survival skills. Kevin is the former Lead Survival Instructor of the Wilderness Learning Center under the late Marty Simon. Kevin is the author of 101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods and over 150 published magazine titles. He regularly hones his capabilities in different environments around the globe including arctic, desert, and jungle with the most emphasis in the northern forest. He joined Fieldcraft after 14 years of teaching public high school history.