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How To Help In The Afghan Crisis

As the emotional and political ramifications of the Afghanistan withdrawal become more and more apparent, we have seen an influx of good men and women in our community seeking opportunities to lend their own voices and resources-almost desperate to do so, to be allies in what feels like such a hopeless situation.

We, like you are people of action and we respect and value your own personal call to stand for the patriotism that this country was founded upon.

We wanted to create a resource to give you steps highlighting how you can play your part in the foreign affairs that should have the eyes, ears, and hearts of every American safe on US soil.

At the time that this blog post is written, relief efforts to evacuate those still within Afghanistan are at a standstill. Humanitarian centers across partnering countries are working to provide for the needs for those previously evacuated but the name of the game at the moment for all other evacuations is simply to wait. We encourage you to follow resources on social media like Save Our Allies for updates as soon as any changes occur.

How To Help

1. Donate To Organizations of Integrity

We stand behind the veteran owned Save Our Allies organization, and we encourage donations to their nonprofit if you’re able to do so. They have evacuated over 12,000 individuals from Afghanistan using private planes and volunteer efforts, and they will continue to seek avenues in which to aid those left behind.

You can listen to a recent podcast detailing the organization’s activities and impact featuring their founder, Chad Robichaux and Mike Glover here.

We also encourage you to follow them on Instagram for updates and insight into the current crisis.

Other Accounts to Follow For Updates:

Chad Robichaux

Tim Kennedy

Mike Glover

Fieldcraft Survival

2. Contact Your Local Congress Men and Women

We urge you to reach out to your local senators and representatives to express your dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and your desire for action to evacuate the remaining Americans and allies left in the hostile regions of Afghanistan.

Article I of the Constitution of the United States of America gives the Legislative branch (Congress: the House and the Senate) the power to represent WE the people. Do not assume that your voice is heard and acknowledged. MAKE it heard.

There is power when We The People band together in unity but it must begin with action.

Our suggestion is to begin by emailing your congressional leaders since this can be done immediately, but handwritten letters are valuable assets and should be mailed as soon as possible as well. You can also find their mailing address through the contact avenues listed below.

Find Your Representative(s)

By entering your zip code on this website.

From that search result, you will find the option to contact your representative. You can proceed with sending an email expressing your concerns and desire for their support in pursuing evacuations in Afghanistan.

Find Your Senator(s)

By selecting your state on this website.

From that search result your senators photos and information will populate. You can select each one individually to be forwarded to their direct contact page.

What To Write

We encourage you to find your voice to represent your beliefs and desires for this current crisis, but if that is what is keeping you from action, we've drafted an example of an email that you can copy and paste into your correspondence with your congress men and women.

Feel free to add or remove words to make it more personal to you.

Example Letter To Congressional Leaders

Date The Honorable ________ Office Address United States House of Representatives/United State Senate City, State, Zip

Dear Representative/Senator ______________:

As a constituent in your area, I urge you to support the evacuation of our American citizens remaining in Afghanistan as well as our Afghan partners and their families. My concerns include the following:

  • This crisis has a critical impact on U.S. interests and safety and is worsening.

  • The Taliban takeover of the country could once again turn Afghanistan into a terrorist safe haven

  • The takeover threatens to reverse advances made in securing the rights of women and girls including the Americans who have become hostages.

  • Increasing internal instability, a mass exodus of refugees, and a growing humanitarian crisis could have regional ramifications as neighboring countries respond and the United State should be responsible for playing their part on the global stage as this unfolds.

  • Indigenous men and women who sacrificed their lives to defend America on their own soil have earned our protection and we need to engage in the efforts to rescue them as well as their families.

Thank you for your consideration, and please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this issue further.


Your Name Your Title Your Address Your City, State, Zip Your Phone Number

In Closing

As a community of freedom loving individuals, we encourage you to recognize that freedom requires sacrifice and diligence. When moved to action, in even simple ways, a collective force for change can rise in even the most challenging of times.

Stay in the fight.

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